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Name: Hassan Bunyamin

Comments: Colleen is a beautiful enthustiastic anchor. I love her way of presenting. she's a qualified one yet, know how to make the viewers interesting.

Name: James Hillsley

Comments: Hi Colleen I went to Spencer Valley Middle school with you 1976-1978.Followed your career and am a home town fan.

Name: Jens GroBer

Comments: I am from Germany, so my english is not really good. I want to tell you that you are a very great anchor and allow me to say, a very beautiful woman! I wish you all the good for the future!

Name: Percy Baraquia

Comments: I love the way you wear that smile while doing your job. You're just great and lovely!!!

Name: Manuel Llamas

Comments: Although the news are rather sad, the way you describe what's happening in every place besides the front side of the story make us feel involved and have a deeply concern about the world in which we live in.

Name: Ali Malik

Comments: Accept my heartiest appreciation on the series of analysis on the US Elections. It was thoughtful and precise. And needless to say you are amongst the most beautiful women I came across.

Name: Hassan Bunyamin

Comments: colleen is a beautiful enthustiastic anchor.I love her way of presenting.she's a qualified one yet,know how to make the viewers interesting

Name: Col Jaspal Singh

Comments: Colleen, you really bring life to whichever program you host. Just wanted to let you know that your personality, your presentation, your communication skills ar excellent. It makes my day if I switch to CNN on the TV, and you are there! Keep up the good work.

Name: Tom Schoen

Comments: Hi Colleen,Wow, you are a long way from the CBC. Remember me at the CBC 60thAnniversay Open House in Toronto in November 1996--I told you that youmust smile on camera, and not be so stiff? Well, you are now doing justthat on CNN. You are a treasure: excellent journalist, smart as a whip andso beautiful. Keep up the good work! Can you send me an autographed photo?Tom Schoen, 1634 Birdie Dr., Toledo, OH 43615


Comments: It?s amazing to acknolwledge how better (by far) you are in relation toyour coleagues. I really have the strong feeling that you like to thinkaccording to your parameters and not by CNN?s. You think more and better.You and Femi Oke are a gift for spectators with independent ideas

Name: Pat Richard

Comments: ...1988...such a long time ago!!...How's life???..Conell?

Name: Timor

Comments: was watching u and i fell in love with the best anchor i haveever seen THANKX for being on tv its like candy for my eyes

Name: Kabir Usman

Comments: A northern nigerian in my late 30s. your admirer with a desire tobe your friend. coll u a smart, beutiful with the kind of maturity thatmakes u my queen among the entire cnn family.pls be my freind and repy mynote

Name: Sameer

Comments: I've always thought of trying to get across this message. I first cameacross a CNN news program sometime in 1998 and I was really impressed withthe radiant personality of the then new news anchor :) I'm glad I'vefinally got down to sending this message. All the very best for you andlooking forward to speaking to you some day. I was in Abu Dhabi when Ifirst saw you on TV although I now live in Bangalore. Is there any way tocontact Colleen McEdwards personally? Do appreciate any feedback on thisone!

Name: Jaspal Singh

Comments: I have been trying to post an entry for the guest book, but itkeeps giving an error message, so here goes: "I have been watching Colleenon CNN since a number of years and have always felt that she brings to theNews a certain graceful style, a certain intelligence and almost apersonal involvement. There's so much magnetism and charm around her thatI for one cannot switch channels if she's reporting. Great going, keep itup Colleen!



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