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Name:Hannes Delport

Comments: Hi there Colleen
I really enjoy you doing the news. You are a classic.
Good luck for the future

Name: Alkalass

Comments: Your presence is really fascinating, I very much appreciate your skills, really became acrazy fan of your personality to the extend that I dare saying that the you are the best anchor I have never seen.

Name: Jatin

Comments: Hi Colleen!

Nice to see ur own webpage.

I really appreciate ur presentability and on screen persona. Following ur news schedules for past one decade. Keep up the good work.


Name: Larry Larson

Comments: Colleen, you are first class and flawess. Keep up the good work!

Name: William Malatji

Comments: You have a great Personality. I watch CNN with keen interest whenever you're live on the screen. Keep up the good work.

Name: Eckhard von Borcke

Comments: Hi, I want to state here my congratulations for a very good contribution on CNN regarding the evolution in the Car Amrket ("Check your Engine"!). Great summary and very good analysis of the current evolutions and new options.

Name: Danie

Comments: Colleen, you are the best of the best.

Name: Amr Marconi

Comments: I get glued to the tv set when your on the air. You sure are the best tv presenter/anchor sweetheart. Full of life and positive energy . God bless you and your family.

Name: Peter Wildbolz

Comments: You are the best at CNN - it's always a pleasure to have you on the screen: Competent, heartfull and (beautifull). You make my day when I see you! A big fan of yours in Switzerland

Name: Deborah (Church) Jestin

Comments: Hi Colleen! I think of you every time I see you on the news! You look great and like you are doing well! Your Don from Waterloo-Deb

Name: Dr. Towhidul Islam

Comments: Colleen Mcedwards is my most favourite reporter. Her pronounciation is so good, whenever i get her on cnn while surfing the channels on tv, she takes all of my attentions and i cant but watch her report by any means. She is the most attractive reporter in the news world.

Name: Jeffrey Howells

Comments: She's best voice at CNN. A very good journalist and top newscaster, she makes news-watching so enjoyable and interesting. She's also the best Julia Roberts double on TV - and I just love Julia Roberts!

Name: Kris

Comments: Hi Coleen! I just wanted to tell you that I really like that your so cheerful and joyous all the time.We can always see a bit of smile on your face, which is wonderful.If for some reason I would have to be interviewed, there is no doubt in my mind that I would want to get a reporter as joyful as you are;) Best wishes

Name: David Coker

Comments: I think you are the best CNN anchorperson around. You bring grace to all your programmes. I had hoped you would feature in the coverage of the American Presidential Elections. I dont know how or why they pulled you off that (you did say you would be one of the presenters). We love you.

Name: Dennis Reagin

Comments: I watch when you are on CNN International. You do a wonderful job and seem like you are having more fun than any other newscaster. Keep up the good work and NEVER lose that wonderful smile!!!!...You are great!


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