Colleen McEdwards is an anchor for CNN International. Based at CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta, she anchors World Business Today, a daily look at the latest financial news and analysis from around the world.

McEdwards joined CNN International in the midst of Asia’s financial crisis and covered many aspects of that story, from the currency crises, to the collapse of the Suharto regime. Since then, she has reported from Russia, Europe and Asia covering major international stories like the Lockerbie bombing trial, the global threat of SARS, and the United States presidential election campaign.

She has participated in several award-winning breaking news broadcasts on CNN International including the conflict between Israel and Lebanon, Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in South Asia and the networks’ 2000 Millennium coverage.

Her more than 15 years of reporting experience includes business and political expertise, and extends to legal affairs. Her coverage of the sensational Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka trial won awards. McEdwards also won several awards for her political reporting, including the New York Festival Award and a Worldfest Houston Award. She received a U.S. national award of merit for her anchoring on CNN during the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Prior to joining CNN International, McEdwards served as a senior political correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where she covered elections both in Canada and the United States. She reported on dozens of federal and provincial budgets, plus Canada’s constitutional crisis. She has reported on the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, the final pullout of Soviet troops from the Czech Republic, as well as unrest in Haiti and the former Yugoslavia.

A sought-after speaker, she has addressed audiences on issues like media concentration, politics and finance, and international affairs. As a respected broadcast trainer, McEdwards has trained the next generation of journalists all around the world and continues to mentor young journalists and writers. She taught a broadcasting course at Charles University while posted in Prague.

McEdwards served on finance and communications committees on several non profit boards. She is a past member of Save the Children Canada's Board of Directors, and is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Hearing Society.

She studied Russian in St. Petersburg and honed her French conversational skills while living in Canada and Europe. She is a Canadian citizen, a former competitive athlete and an avid sports fan.

McEdwards is a published author of short fiction and poetry. She has an Honors degree in English Literature from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and received the University's Alumni Achievement award in 1999. She holds a Master’s degree in Education, specializing in online learning and technology management.